2013-2014 New Alliance Country Reports

Accountability, inclusiveness and transparency are key tenets of the New Alliance. Under each Cooperation Framework, New Alliance countries commit to conducting an annual review of progress against New Alliance Country Cooperation Framework commitments. This review should be conducted within the broader Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) mutual accountability processes in each country to the extent possible.

In 2013, the 2012-2013 New Alliance Progress report included annexes with detailed accounting of commitments in the Cooperation Framework sourced from various country reports.

In 2014, general guidance was developed that recommends, at minimum, that countries hold annual reviews of progress that reflect New Alliance principles. Specifically, the guidance suggests that annual reviews should bring together stakeholders to:

  • Transparently review, share and discuss progress and challenges toward Cooperation Framework commitments
  • Generate a mutually agreed upon country progress report
  • Assess overall progress toward and challenges to creating an enabling environment for responsible, inclusive investment, including implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure
  • Identify key priorities for action and review new or revised Cooperation Framework commitments for consideration by the in-country “lead group”

All ten New Alliance countries drafted 2013-2014 country progress reports that informed the overall 2013-2014 New Alliance Progress Report. The reports that have been officially submitted to the African Union Commission are listed below.

2014-2015 country reports will be posted as they are available.