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Download this joint statement to learn more about key discussions and agreed actions by the co-conveners of the Leadership Council at a meeting held in May 2014.
 The 2012 G8 Summit met at Camp David on May 19 to discuss the food and nutrition successes of L'Aquila.
In 2013, the United States Government, along with other G8 members, co-hosted a side event at the United Nations General Assembly.
Nigeria, Benin and Malawi set out how their governments will work with business and donors to increase investment in agriculture.
The goal of this conference is to obtain commitment and action from nations and relevant stakeholders to promote policies and invest in projects across Africa.

Fact Sheets

This Framework is designed to provide investors with due diligence and risk management resources to support inclusive, sustainable, transparent and responsible land-based investments in agriculture.
This document (in French) outlines guidance for country-level annual review. 
This document outlines guidance for the country-level annual review. 
Download the Terms of Reference for the Leadership Council, endorsed at its September 2014 meeting.
Download the public summaries of Letters of Intent signed in 2014 outlining additional responsible private investment as part of the New Alliance.