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This press release announces the release of the second annual New Alliance progress report and new responsible private investments in the New Alliance.
This press release, from August 20, 2012, announces kick-off workshops for implementation of New Alliance Cooperation Frameworks in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania.
This press release from May 9, 2013, announces the launch of one of the New Alliance Enabling Actions: The Agriculture Fast Track Fund.
This press release from June 8, 2013, announces new countries joining the New Alliance and the publishing of the first New Alliance progress report.
This press release from January 23, 2014, highlights the signing of a joint agreement by New Alliance partners to deepen efforts to help smallholder farmers.
This press release from April 10, 2014, highlights the launch of a new, nutritious chickpea product by an Ethiopian company.
This press release from May 23, 2014, highlights new grants awarded by the Agriculture Fast Track Fund, one of the New Alliance Enabling Actions.